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Our behaviourists regularly write articles, speak on radio, contribute to texts and journals and carry out research projects.  Below are some of our current projects:

Human Animal Science Podcast... .

In this Podcast, Dr Kersti Seksel explains the complicated and sensitive topic of animal hoarding.. This issue is difficult to research and complex to resolve, but help is available.

Small Animal Talk -How can vets do behaviour better?... .

In this Blog post, Dr Kersti Seksel discusses how vets could possibly approach behaviour type questions from animal owners in a better way, resulting in the owner departing their practice feeling that they are more knowledgeable.

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Dr Kersti Seksel is a regular guest on Tony Delroy's Nightlife program on ABC radio in Sydney.  Listen out for her after 10pm on Friday nights answering listeners questions..............


Dogs Life magazine sample cover

Read our 'Agony Aunt' column each month, where readers questions about dog behaviour and problems are answered.





Your Garden magazine sample cover


Dr Kersti Seksel contributes regularly to Your Garden magazine about animal behaviour.





  Kittens and Cats and Puppies and Dogs Annual sample covers

Dr Kersti Seksel and Dr Gaille Perry have contributed articles to the 'Kittens and Cats Annual', and the 'Puppies and Dogs Annual' - available at your newsagent now.

Articles include: 'The Cat's Whiskers', 'The World through a Cat's Eyes', 'The Training Minefield', 'Puppy Preschool Classes', 'Behavioural Medication Explained', and 'Barking'.




  Problem-Based Feline Medicine book cover    

This recently released Veterinary Text is designed to be helpful to vets when presented with certain clinical signs. Dr Kersti Seksel has authored the Behaviour section including chapters on 'The Cat with Aggression' and 'The Cat with Anxiety-related Behaviour Problems'. Available through the publisher Elsevier.


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